Drama production at Cheshire school

Join us

We will consider taking on new schools that approach us where this aligns with our values and is in accord with our strategic direction.

When taking on new schools we are mindful of:

If you are a school leader who would like a discussion the Sandstone Trust about our values and strategy and whether your school’s future aspirations would be best served as part of the Trust, please contact our Chief Executive, Jason Lowe at enquiries@sandstonetrust.co.uk

An initial conversation does not imply any future relationship on either side.

Associate membership

We also support and work with a range of schools who are not currently part of the Trust, as associate members for example. Associate Members benefit from, and contribute to, our ability to add value to the lives of young people. An associate school or Trust remains independent and works with others but in an agreed way, contracted by a Memorandum of Understanding.

If you are interested:

Define the Trust services and areas of collaboration you are interested in receiving, and the contributions you wish to make to improving education in your school/s and across the Trust.

Then, together we agree the specific nature of the association, the term and the outcomes and contributions.

Associate membership provides opportunities to collaborate and share without taking the full step towards joining.

You can do this by filling in our enquiry form